MANDUM was born out of years of tireless travel around the world, endless curiosity and the fascination for discovery. From an interest in nature, art, ancient architecture and the rich textile and ornamental heritage of every corner of the planet.

Countless have been the trips and walks through all kinds of markets and workshops for the sake of searching, observing and making products that enchant us. From the Tibetan highlands to the lowlands of Mexico, passing through the dense jungles of Burma and the Philippine archipelago, each product has been created along the way and is the result of this accumulated experience. Landscapes, shapes and textures that we reproduce through our personal gaze.

Mandu, a remote village lost in the heart of India. Surrounded by thick vegetation and dotted with multiple monuments of a glorious past, lives in peace and alien to tourism. It was there that took shape the idea of turning into products all the experiences, discoveries and ideas gained during years on the road. In time the product landed in Mallorca where one journey ended and another began: Mandum.

Product and production

Our product inventory ranges from the creation of new shapes to the selection of objects made by artisan masters. The minimalist philosophy inspired by simple and light shapes is our constant, as well as the use of high-quality materials to guarantee a prolonged use of our products. The palette of colours and shades we use are inspired by the Mediterranean landscape.

All our pieces are handmade, manufactured, cut and sewn mostly in India. We work with groups of craftsmen and women who have learned the art of printing, sewing, embroidery or jewellery by family tradition. These are small family businesses or cooperatives with which we produce on a small scale and according to demand, to avoid surplus and in this way contribute to a more sustainable creation.

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